Is yoga good for weight loss

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Yoga is the best method keep your body and fit and healthy.there are so many types of yoga asna which help you in different types of physical and metal fitness.But there is a question which arise from the many people that is yoga good for weight loss? So i am here going to tell you all the secret behind the yoga and how is yoga good for weight loss.


The history of yoga

Is yoga good for weight loss?  First of  all you know about  yoga .Yoga is actually originated from the Bharat which is situated in Asia.The first yoga guru is known as Adiyogi. The adiyogi is known as lord shiva and the lord shiva provide yoga knowledge to the saptrishies from there the yoga is spread all over the world.

Yoga shiva

There are several types of yoga

Now this time people are loosing their health and potential to live there life in the world. But there is whole problem have solution I mean yoga and Ayurveda . And again one question arises is yoga

If you want to keep your body fit and fine the you have to prepare your self through the yoga . Maditation, exercise,diet….etc , are comes in yoga.

By yoga you can loos your weight without any problem…

If you will do kapal bharti and unlom vilom the normal exercise like suryapradham which can help you to decrease your weight very easily.

The great yogi

In this world most of the people know the yoga is the introduced by the lord shiva but the lord Krishna mostly provide all the yoga Gyan to the world and he is also known as the great yogi in this world..

Yoga by Krishna


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