Weight loss vegetarian diet

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Full day vegetarian meal plan

The friendly diet plan help to loss 7-10 kg in ten days..

I have customized this diet plan to suit indian taste and I am using easily available and in-expencive ingredient. This is a completely sugar free diet plan that means no refined sugar for the ten days. So I am going here to tell about the weight loss vegetarian diet.if you want to drink coffee or tea prefer then you can drink without added sugar and more then one or two cup in a day. This diet plan has required nutrients and can even be continued after ten days.

Meals for full day

I have divided this meal plan into three meals and two small meals and hence you will not feel hungry through the day. I am using only required of natural fat means no refined oil for 10 days other then the natural fat diet plan which help you to loss your weight by weight loss vegetarian diet plan.

This diet plan gives you good result only in 10 days . Take this diet plan as a challenge and not chet your self .

Morning 7 am

Start your day with lemon and honey water into a glass little warm water …

Drink honey and lemon water

8:30 am

You have to eat two Banana and one or half pomegranate seeds.

Banana and pomegranate


You have to take half cup thick curd and one table spoon pomegranate seeds and chopped fresh leaves to granish.12:30 In afternoon

You have to take lunch with two roti and sweet potato…


3:30 pm

You have to eat snaks and dry fruits diet

Dry fruits and snaks gives you extra energy. And it will help to improve your mind level.


7:00 pm

Drink plenty water

in the evening

You have to take dinner with poha and eat light weight food because it will help to reduce your weight and and fat.



Do not drink this drink if you have any allergies to any of the ingredient.

Pregnant and lactating women can consult their practitioner befor trying out any natural remedies. Those with celiac diseases they can avoid wheat,burly,rye etc. Along with processed food like cake, biscuits, cookies,etc made by the mention things.

Reader are subject to use their own risk..
















I am a student of 1st year .

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